Understanding email

      The growing threat                        How did it happen                            How does email work

When a friend or family member asks you why you sent them a badly-spelled e-mail inviting them to buy medicines in Canada, or why you sent an attachment that their antivirus detected as a threat, but you know you didn't send any such thing.

How did it happen? Did a hacker invade your e-mail account?
What sort other information has been compromised?

Do you really know what happens when you send an email, how does your email get to the address you have sent  it to, al   Learn more

The difference between web based email and a computer email program is Client based em   Learn more

The information that people should know about emails is not hard to find, the failure of not knowing can lead to a ruined life or bankruptcy or personal tragedy that can befall someone only after the event has happened, then they say why didn’t I do something earlier.

Many people are aware of antivirus programs for computers and have them installed yet they do not realise that there are antivirus programs for smart phone s or devises or that they have them installed.

The use of mobile smart phones and devices is growing at a phenomenal rate with the use of emails to these devices heading into new problems as there are different operating systems.

People need to be aware of email issues and the free weekly bulletins that are available to those that take action.

Helping you to understand about emails to keep you safe.